Frequently asked questions

  1. How far in advance do I need to order my dumpster?
    Sometimes we have last-minute cancellations enabling us to get dumpsters to you immediately. But a couple of days’ notice will insure that you secure the delivery time that you need and well as the correct size dumpster for the job that you are doing.
  2. What are my payment options?
    Coastal Disposal accepts all major credit cards including American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover
  3. What if I need to cancel, change the date or change the location for the dumpster that I ordered?
    We will do our best to meet your needs, but order cancellations and changes must happen one full business day in advance of the original service date to allow for processing. Otherwise, a minimum cancellation/trip charge of $75 will incur.
  4. What does the rental price include?
    The price of rental includes a one-time delivery and pickup for the selected roll-off dumpster size, 30 days rental of the dumpster, plus the agreed-upon disposal weight allowance, fuel, and environmental fees/taxes. All waste will be disposed of in a fully approved and licensed disposal facility. Over-filled containers will incur a $75 trip fee and the driver will not haul the load PER STATE ORDINANCE.
  5. Do I need to be there when my dumpster is delivered?
    It is preferred, but not necessary. However, please be as specific as possible when answering the delivery questions, as the driver will use their best judgment and place the dumpster in the safest accessible area. If an onsite contact is not available for delivery you will be responsible for all charges involved with relocation of the dumpster, should it be necessary.
  6. Where should I place my dumpster?
    The dumpster needs to be set on a firm flat surface, preferably a gravel or asphalt drive, with no overhead wires. Please allow 50 feet of ground space and 30 feet of vertical clearance. Our drivers are very conscientious but roll-off trucks and the dumpsters they deliver are extremely heavy. It is highly recommended that the customer protect any surface where the roll-off is going to be placed with 4’ x 8’ sheets of plywood.
  7. What if the driver comes and I’m not ready?
    If you schedule delivery or pickup, please, be prepared. Have the area for the dumpster to be placed free and clear. If the dumpster is being picked up, make it easily accessible. If we arrive and cannot drop off or access the dumpster, there will be a $75 trip fee.
  8. What kind of things are not acceptable in my dumpster?
    Please do NOT place hazardous waste, industrial waste, chemical products, herbicides and pesticides, radioactive material, solvents, wet paint — no liquids), flammable liquids, aerosol cans, propane tanks, any oil or oil filters, antifreeze, appliances, refrigerators of any kind, air conditioners, contaminated soil, lead paint chips, tires, batteries, fluorescent tubes, railroad ties, medical waste, asbestos, animals or barrels
  9. How much weight can I put in my dumpster?
    Each size dumpster has a specific amount of weight that is allowed with the rental. If you go over that weight, there will be a $60 per ton overage charge. The dumpster is weighed at the landfill. Under no conditions should a roll-off be loaded above the fill line, even with light material. If the driver arrives to haul the load and it is overfilled, the load will be left onsite and a $75 trip charge will be assessed.
  10. If I over-fill the dumpster will I be charged for the extra weight?
    Yes. If your dumpster weight goes over the included tons quoted in your order you will be billed at the rate of $60/per ton. The dumpster is weighed at the landfill. * Materials such as concrete, roofing shingles, and dirt can be very heavy and can exceed weight limits quickly. You may order an additional haul for your roll-off by calling us at 804-776-0030. Additional haul charges apply
  11. What areas do Coastal serve?
    We provide roll-off dumpster service in the following areas: Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula including the counties of Middlesex, Mathews, Lancaster, Gloucester, Gloucester Point, King and Queen, King William, Essex, New Kent, Northumberland Some areas may incur an extra fuel charge.
If you have any other questions that we did not answer here, please drop us a line and we will get right back to you with an answer.
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